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Encounter Cards use Scripture to point each player to the Cross and a relationship with the Lord. Players receive heavenly treasures along the way or choose to stay in the world and risk their eternity.
Choose the life you want to live: in the world with all that it can offer, or the life the Lord intends for you - one that offers eternal rewards!
Be careful though, Jesus may return before you make your choice. 
Are you willing to take that chance?

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Christ's love for us demonstrated in Eternal Life the game!


Joseph Grayhaim

The Eternal Life Game is an enjoyable way for the Christian family to be mindful of the goal of earthy life together, while they play a game that accentuates life in this world. Each player receives $10,000 to begin play, along with a Heavenly Rewards Pouch, explained below.  

Each player chooses a game piece that s/he will move around the playing board, using a spinner to determine number of spaces. The board consists of paths that wend their way around it, with junctures that allow the player to choose to stay on the Worldly path or cross a bridge and become a Christian. there are a limited number of these invitations, so the player must choose wisely when a opportunity presents itself - just like real life!  

When the player continues on the Christian path, s/he will land on spaces that allow for the taking of various reward cards - the Gifts of the Spirit cards, the Armor of God cards, Crown cards and when one lands on a Church space, the player can donate as much as 10% of his "income" and put it in his Heavenly Rewards Pouch.

Two sets of Encounter Cards - one Worldly, one Christian - alter the players movement by giving instructions on moves or penalties that affect the players' progress along the paths. The game ends for a player in one of three ways: 1. He draws a Martyred card and goes directly to Heaven; 2. All players get into Heaven and 3. Someone draws the Game Over Encounter Card and all those on the worldly path lose. 

The Eternal Life game, while a fun pastime for the whole family, possesses a sobering element that will remind the older players of some of the consequences we encounter in daily life.  Please visit the website, for complete information about Eternal Life Game.JG

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